In my experience coaching, it is common to see skating athletes become unsure of what to practice, how to practice, forget programs and not know what levels they are on. From a coaches’ perspective, these are things we need our students to know. However, we understand, it’s a lot to remember and keep track of, especially for a youth athlete.

Over the years I have developed a practice of having skaters write specific things down and creating practice lists for my students. We even draw out programs on ice diagrams to make sure our choreography is retained. This practice tremendously helped keep us both on track and organized with our time. It left me as the coach, feeling confide

nt the student would get his/her practice completed (correctly) and left the student feeling confident in a plan.

Being I kept seeing skaters feel a little lost on the ice and in their practice sessions, over and over again, I set out to create a product that would help guide skaters to success...the Figure Skating Practice Guide. As coaches, we can’t be with our students all the time, but

they certainly need to be practicing. This guide will take skaters and coaches through a great process of setting the skater up for success with goals, plans and note taking, and lead skaters to having beneficial practice sessions on their own!

WHAT IS THE FIGURE SKATING PRACTICE GUIDE? It is a hardcover (durable) notebook for skating athletes and coaches to write in through the season. It has a place for goals, practice notes, ice diagrams for program layouts, planned program content sheets, inspiration quotes, a progress tracker and more! It is meant to be the ‘go to’ guide for a successful season.

HOW DOES THE GUIDE WORK? The guide first starts with the athlete listing dreams and goals pertinent to figure skating. Then, it takes the athlete through goal setting and practice planning. This section is best done with a coach and/or trusted adult. Together, they will create a plan to work on achieving their goals, along with listing out events such as competitions and testing sessions. The guide has sections for programs (planned program content sheets and ice diagrams) and practice notes. Yes, this is

the place to write all the lists, notes and more each session! This is where the magic happens!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Just $29.00 (plus tax & shipping)! And yes, this guide is designed to last an entire season! Yes, an entire season for $29! But wait....pre-order by August 30th and benefit from some fun specials...

SPECIALS...LIKE WHAT?! Great question. First, pre-order by August 30th to receive the goodies! All guides come with a free scrunchie, all orders will be placed into a drawing for a FREE FIGURE SKATING SPIN BOARD, and finally purchase 3 or more books and save $10!

HOW DO I PURCHASE AND LEARN MORE? Head over to and PRE-ORDER your guide today!

Skate On!


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